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David Conner

Regarding ‘light trespass’ (Alex Pratt May 14), I agree that astronomers are not generally seen ‘normal’ people. That said, I have spoken to a couple of my neighbours over the years about their outdoor lighting shining into my upstairs windows. Both responded fairly positively and the situation improved, including my views of the night sky.

Literally today I responded to a local planning application for a new house that included potential ‘security’ lighting. Good that it would be activated by a motion sensor, but I felt the following comments were worth making.

‘Security’ lighting will be operated by ‘intruder switching’ (as stated, which is good) but should also be directed so as to illuminate this property alone. It should not shine onto neighbouring properties, where it would present an obtrusive light nuisance, or onto the public highway (from where the property would be visible), where it would present a hazard by shining into user’s eyes.
Institution of Lighting Professionals Guidance Notes 9/19, Domestic exterior lighting: getting it right!
Guidance Note 1 for the reduction of obtrusive light 2021 | Institution of Lighting Professionals (

btw, if anyone complains about my playing records too loudly, should I suggest that they get thicker walls..?