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Good morning everyone. I am a bit surprised to find this topic, I didn’t think the problem of silvering the telescope mirror still existed. And even more I didn’t know about that silvering kit. The first mirror silvering I commissioned from a well-equipped glassmaker, who did a very good job. The only major problem was the minimal durability of the Ag deposit, which began to oxidise and yellow. After a few months (max 6-8 months) it had to be removed and re-done. Then I tried to work on it myself by buying Ag nitrate, ammonia, H2O and more. Very bad result! Longer life (up to a year) but silvering with dark spots, uneven deposit, minimal adhesion so cleaning impossible, and other defects. Everything has made me prefer mirror aluminisation. However, here in Italy, aluminisation is made by very few companies and costs a lot. So I gave up the resolution power of a 200 mm and opted for a smaller (90 mm) catadioptric that is very handy and inexpensive. Nevertheless, the D200mm dream still haunts me. I would kindly ask for your opinion on what I have reported. I am a self-made astrophile, and as a basis I have the manual: Procedures in Experimental Physics by John Strong.
Thank you and greetings to you all

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