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Robin, the answer to my dilemma can be found in the AAVSO book you recommended, which I did not know.
The non-linearity between pixel value and exposure time is a peculiarity of the CCD sensor. My DSLR actually mounts a CCD.
“4.5.2 Exposure time, saturation, and non-linearity
Non-linearity is even more dangerous in photometry because it is less
obvious to detect than is saturation. Fortunately, DSLR cameras now exclusively use CMOS sensors that
do not have the problem of non-linearity that CCD sensors do.”
So, for me, three possibilities are proposed:
1- Abandon my observation programme;
2- Buy another camera with cmos;
3- Devise a mathematical procedure for the reduction to the same exposure.
I intend to rule out 1 a priori. I am heading towards the third, as the second is not for my pocket.