Adding a path variable

William Bristow


Try the steps as described here, reboot the computer and then re-run the HOPS installer:

The linked web page refers to older Windows builds and the screenshots are rather out-of-date but the principle is the same. Double click on the “Paths” entry under “System Variables” and for the latest Windows builds this will open a tabulated list of system variable paths rather than a string as described in the linked web page, double click on the first available empty line in that list and add the path to the Anaconda Python build, in your case this will be C:UsersgordoAnaconda3python

When installing Anaconda with its own Python library it is best practice to uninstall all previous Python versions first, this is particularly troublesome if your previous Python version was downloaded from the Windows App Store as extra steps are required to prevent Windows redirecting any Python calls to the Windows App Store after the old Python version is uninstalled.

The linked web page and the instructions above should hopefully resolve the current issue.