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Mike Foylan

Many thanks Jeremy for your help. Sure, I can send on those files Jeremy, cheers. There’s a bit of a story behind this because I was actually monitoring a minor planet at the time as requested by some friends in Italy as they were clouded out and it was clear skies here in Ireland (a rare situation I think you would agree!), but noticed two variable stars after some analysis within the FITS images the next day. I checked the AAVSO VS data base and no stars were listed for those locations that were designated as variable. I continued to take many images to gather enough data to cover as much of the lightcurves as possible. Just as I was happy with what I had and we were ready to submit data for one of those stars (ASASSN-V J034127.40+443255.9) we were just beaten to it by a few days, however the second star after additional observations and analyses by my friends in Italy we managed to bag that one (000-BMX-685).