APT — thumbs up!

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Dr Paul Leyland

After a few happy hours playing with APT I have to say I rather like it.  It’s easy to use after a little reading of the fine manual and works well even on a small laptop screen.  Configuration is straightforward, though it took me a while to learn how to set the zero point so that the instrumental magnitudes are somewhere near those of the comparison stars.

I think I”m going to put some real effort into this one, with a few scripts written to convert AAVSO CCD photometry files into that required for APT, to mung the CSV output file into ensemble photometry and AAVSO and BAA-VSS format, and generally make it even easier to use so that non-Windoze users have a viable alternative.

All this will take some effort and very careful attention to detail so although beta testers would be made welcome, don’t expect a polished tool set just yet!

I’m a happy bunny.  😎