Arecibo vs Goldstone

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Nick James

There is an interesting comparison between Arecibo and the Goldstone Solar System Radar (GSSR) here. Both have humongous EIRP but Arecibo just wins (or won) out. The GSSR has a 500 kW X-band (8.5 GHz) klystron into the DSS-14 70m dish which works out at around 130 dBW EIRP. Arecibo had 1MW at S-band (2.5 GHz) into a 305m dish so around 136 dBW. Any radio engineer will tell you a) that is a lot and b) don’t stand in front of it. Puerto-Rico has fewer aircraft passing over that might enter the beam so it was easier to schedule operations there but DSS-14 can point whereas Arecibo can’t (much). DSS-14 is still a critical element of the Deep Space Network so has a lot of money invested in it.