BAAVSS spectro!

Steve Cuthbert

Hi Andy
 Good to hear of continued interest in spectroscopy within the BAA. I haven`t submitted spectra yet to Bess so unfamiliar with their format requirements but I agree a set format would have to be laid down for any submitted observations.

I can forsee spectroscopic observations encompassing all sections of the BAA, Solar, Planetary,Deep sky, Comet, etc etc so it would make sense to have its own dedicated section/sub section rather than submit for example a solar spectrum to the solar section or maybe not?? expand interest in spectroscopy to visual observers??. One thought I had was maybe a `Star of the month` (I also thought star of the week but with the skies we get ;-() where contributors could submit their own observations of a common object and it would be interesting comparing results using different equipment.

What do others think?

BTW happy new year to all.