Tony Rodda

Thanks gents very useful.  Thinking out loud…

Having read through the the LhiresIII pages I’m comfortable with the plate-work and basic engineering.  The lathe-work less so but those skills aren’t beyond me (he says with ease) and the necessary tooling-up would appear to be in the region of ~£700 or so.  (I have accurate drilling equipment, etc already). Probably worth it.

I think my first steps would be investigating what components can be adapted from existing or bought ‘off the shelf’ and what then needs fabricating/maching.  Let’s assume the bodywork/casing if fairly straightforward, it’s the accuracy of those bespoke mounts that seem the real challenge.  I can see why the ‘kit’ was such a success.  All the hard bits done.

I’m surprised that all the engineering diags are available ‘to the public’ in the way that they are on the website.  Very laudable.

Has anyone tried this from scratch?