C/2017 T2 & NGC 957

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Andrew Robertson

Had an excellent view last night of the comet in the same FOV as the lesser known mag 7.6 OC NGC 957 in Perseus last night. Nucleus of the comet only a 1/3 deg from the OC. Used my 60 cm F4.5 Newtonian with a 21mm Ethos e/p giving x129 and a 3/4 deg FOV. Glorious sight. The tail was at least 1/4 degree long, possibly up to 1/3 degree but always difficult to decide where they end visually, tail in a direction away from the cluster.

As a bonus had a look at C/2018 N2 but that was more difficult, couldn’t see it in the 21mm e/p but in the 13mm Ethos, direct vision, a small fuzzy disc. 8mm (x340) was too much, 10mm (x270) optimum.

Skies were claggy though due to high humidity, SQM 20.9, mag 5 N/E.