Andrew Robertson

Hi Callum,

Thanks for your reply. I do understand the difficulty with bookings especially when using educational establishments for venues. I mention it merely as a reminder to avoid conflict wherever possible. The original date for the Winchester w/e was fine but I know you had to change it through no fault of your own so no problem. March 23rd for the DSS meeting is fine – full moon is on the 21st. As Owen points out I will miss this and Kelling in April 2019 anyway as I’ll be in New Zealand – I’ve booked two new moon periods to maximise my chances of seeing the Southern constellations/stars (I’ve never seen the LMC, SMC, Eta Carina or 47 Tuc – will be taking a travel scope with me.) It will be the first Kelling I’ve missed ever but hopefully will be well worth it. Ironically I would have been back in time for the original Winchester date.

Re September, this is the one to avoid a new moon event if possible. The Autumn Kelling is invariably over the new moon period in September. About once every 4 years it occurs in the first week in September and occasionally gets pushed into October to avoid school holidays, this year was a close call.

Regards, Andrew