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David Boyd

Hi Andrew,

Thanks, that will be useful. The CALSPEC files at STScI are Multi-Extension FITS files and can’t be read by ISIS. I had the same problem reading files in NGSL and also wrote a Python script to turn them into Basic FITS files.

The range of the commonly used BVRI Johnson-Cousins filter passbands is from about 3600 A to 9750A in case anyone wants to use the CALSPEC files to calibrate flux for the other filters.

The UVEX claims to cover the range from 3500 A to 10,000 A and the upper limit of the LISA IR version is also 10,000 A so the range you suggest looks good.

Probably the best place to put it on the BAA website would be in the Equipment & Techniques Section webpage on Spectroscopy.

If you ask David Arditti he can put it there.