Campaign update on 2019 Jan 20

Jeremy Shears

An updated light curve of this variable covering the first two months of the campaign is shown on the BAA Variable Star Section website.

I’m pleased to say our efforts are paying dividends in revealing an very interesting light curve. So far we have observed 6 of its small oscillations. The 5th looks slightly different from the others in that it’s rise to max was slower.

As ever, more observations would be appreciated. It’s gratifying to see that the intensity of coverage has improved over the last month and it’s good to see new observers joining the campaign.

Very many thanks to everyone who has submitted observations so far: Richard Sabo, Ken Menzies, Gary Poyner, David Boyd, Dave Smith, Ian Miller, David Storey, Sjoerd Dufoer, Martin Mobberley, Jeremy Shears, James Boardman, George Fleming, M. Joslin.