CCD photometry of variable stars

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Jeremy Shears

Hello Mike,

Good to hear about your interest in CCD photometry of variable stars. Indeed there is quite a bit that the modestly equipped observer can do in this field – especially when they combine data with other observers. The objects you mention are popular, partly because these they often have short periods which means you can get interesting data in a few nights. RR Lyrae stars, delta Scu stars and their cousins HADS (High Amplitude delta Scutids) fall into this category. I haven’t done much on these stars as I mainly concentrate on cataclysmic variables, which also have short periods (a few hours). A few of us looked at a delta Scu in Cas a while ago:…76….1S. I have to admit the target happened to fall in the same field as a dwarf nova which was our main target!

I would be happy to chat a bit more with you about this topic – if you are attending the Meteor Section meeting in Birmingham on Saturday, that would be an opportunity (whilst talking about meteors as well, of course!).

Go well!