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Hi Willaim,

I too have a Pulsar dome with a different moniter viz  HitecAstro Deluxe Weather Moniter, This requires a 12 volt supply and a serial connection to ther computer- I have a serial to USB converter; You set parameters relevent to your location and set e-mail and mobile phone alerts. In similar vein there is an independant feed to the Pulsar Control Box modified with an aditional socket allowing weather monitoring without a computer. Maybe AAG Cloudwatcher would have been a better choice as I have had a few issues in setting up the system. I am hovering over ACP as  I curently have an AP900 mount with APCC software SKY X and Maxim DL6 and set up each night with one target. Weather here on the South Coast has been appalling this winter with very few clear nights. CCD Navigator is also on my maybee list

Clear skies