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Andrew Robertson

Nick, I did get another visual about 3am this morning with the 24″. Unbelievably conditions were even better than the previous morning with SQM readings of 21.52 and glimpsing M13 N/E. So this time I could split it with a 13mm Ethos (x208) but still much clearer with 8mm (x340). The 4.7mm Ethos (x575) didn’t improve the view just seperated core and SN more but at the expense of crispness due to seeing conditions. I would still say it’s white to off-white and brighter than the core. If really pushed I would say a hint of greenish-blue along the lines of planetary nebula but this probably a combination of imagination because I was looking for any colour and that faint objects (relatively) always having a tendecy of being gray or ‘bluish’ to me.   Andrew