Demetra v ISIS

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Robin Leadbeater

Hi Nick,

My ALPY (one from the first production batch) somehow came with the grism significantly skewed so I fixed it with Francois Cochard’s guidance. (Also I have a habit of taking everything apart to “see how it works” ! ) If it is only slightly skewed then I would not worry about it. The main reason for correcting the slant/smile is so that any lines in the sky background subtract correctly. In ISIS you select a strong lamp or sky line and it automatically measures the slant and curvature and corrects for it.  I expect Demetra does something similar.

Spectroscopically I “grew up” with ISIS so I know most of its quirks well and knowing Christian Buil, I had confidence that it would give good reliable results. I was down as a beta tester of Demetra but to be honest there was no pressure for me to change over, particularly as (at least at the time. I have not kept up with its development) it was not as comprehensive and flexible as ISIS so I never really got into it. Similarly with BASS which I have never used.