Devil’s Advocate

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Dr Paul Leyland

I am going to act as Devil’s advocate because someone should do so.  The very phrase “Devil’s advocate” should indicate that my personal views are not necessarily in accordance with what I espouse below and in subsequent posts.

First, 4pi steradians is equal to 41,253 square degrees.  We are already down by a factor of pi ( about 3.14) from your estimate.

Secondly. not all astronomers, professional and amateurs, are wide-field imagers.  A good fraction of us perform precision astrometry and/or photometry.  As long as any satellite trails (or cosmic ray hits for that matter) do not intrude on the object or its immediate neighbourhood, our work is completely unaffected,

More Pollyannish sentiments may appear in due course.  This will have to suffice for the time being, not least because dinner is now being served.