Distortion (coma) in the guide image

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Robin Leadbeater

Hi Kevin,

OK as you have the latest version, you get the updated optics which should have improved the off axis coma. (I have not really used my LHIRES since I installed the upgrades but am just reinstalling it on the scope so should be able to report back in the next few days.  The new design has removed most of the adjustment degrees of freedom of the guiding mirror (you can just push it in and out) so you are dependent on it being aligned correctly at the factory (with the old system you had full adjustability but was tricky to get spot on. I have kept the old adjustment system on mine)  The sweet spot with round stars should line up with the slit but in this case being  so far from the centre suggests an alignment problem somewhere. In the back of my mind I remember a similar comment from someone ese. You could check your guide camera is concentric with the guide port and square but beyond that I would be tempted to bounce that back to Francois at Shelyak and ask him to comment.