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Alan Snook

Hi Peter, the jet in M87 is number 152 in the Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies. I’ve tried for it several times with not a sniff of success. I’m using a 50cm f4.1 dob. There is no drive so in practice my highest usable magnification is x415. In Howard’s article he’s talking about x600 to x700. In the Kanipe/Webb book about the Arp objects, on p303 it cites an observation by the late Barbara Wilson (of AINTNO 100 fame) also using a 20-inch f4, at x340 and x410. She noted “Jet visible running out of core. Difficult. Requires excellent seeing and transparent skies.” This comes back to Owen’s point – the American’s have a much easier time of it. In the Arizona desert and Bryce Canyon in Utah with the unaided eye I’ve seen mag 6 stars as they clear the horizon. At home here, I’m lucky to see anything below Epsilon CMa even when it’s near culmination! Try for the jet on one of those rare nights when anything seems possible.