Double stars

Jeremy Shears

Hello Ian and welcome to the BAA!

There are quite a few members who enjoy observing double stars. The Deep Sky Section’s John McCue is the DSS Double Star Adviser. He has written a tutorial on the measurement of double stars  on the website. John has written another article on double stars here.

Nick White has written and article on the technique with which he observes double stars in the 2017 April edition of the Journal which you can read here (to read the whole article you need to be logged into the BAA website).

There are also some members who use lunar occultations to detect very close double stars (there are two dips in brightness as each component is occulted). An example by Alex Pratt is shown on his Members Page.

These are only a few examples of double star activity within the BAA. You mention there is quite a bit on our website, so do enjoy looking around. You might be interested in this article by Callum Potter about colourful double stars of the summer (which I hope will soon be here!).

All the best,