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Latest Email content from Ellen with useful info : –

If the estimate of ~10 days for the LED-on time was accurate (still looking into this), then as of today (Nov 29) the LEDs may not be visible anymore. The best bet for the coming weeks are passes at dawn/dusk when sunlight can reflect off the satellite.

 “UK Access” states overhead pass durations and times, and “UK AER” states the elevation angles and specific times for the passes. These are passes until December 5th. Also, http://www.n2yo.com is an excellent, easy-to-use tool to view upcoming satellite passes for any input location. You can type in a NORAD ID in the top right box, and it’ll generate visible passes (only when there’s available sunlight reflection) for the next 10 days.

 Overall, we’re trying to get as many eyes on the tethered vehicle (ALCHEMY) as possible, before it de-orbits. This will also be the vehicle that is much brighter than the other at dawn/dusk, because the tether is 70m long and made of aluminized kapton.

Other objects of interest from the same launch that may be one of our two DRAGRACER vehicles are Object ID #46954, and ID #46931. We will update if we obtain more information on which is likely to be the DRAGRACER unit(s).


As for a contact to send images or any reports of tracking/seeing the satellite, my email works just fine.  There will be a submission portal for large files (raw images) on http://www.dragracersat.com, but this portal isn’t up just yet.

 Please forward my contact information to anyone who wants to chat more or ask any questions.

Thanks and clear skies,


 Ellen Glad

Optical Research & Development Engineer | Millennium Space Systems: A Boeing Company

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