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Terry Byatt

A sad loss indeed. I remember Dudley from the early 1970’s at his shop/workshop in Finchley Road, Golders Green, North London. He sold me my first “proper” telescope a 21cm (no, let’s call it by it’s real name…. 8.5 inch!) reflector on a Mark111 mount. I still have the instrument but have now cuccumb to using Chinese made, pretending to be American, Meade and Celestron telescopes. Dudley always gave good advice and did not encourage you to buy what he believed was beyond your sensible budget.

The massive 8 inch Cooke refractor referred to above was indeed bought by a rich arab and set up next to his floodlit  swimming pool just to show and impress his guests with views of the Moon! I seem to recall that Dudley came across the telescope when it was in a poor state being stored in a dusty shed. All the brass work had been painted over matt black! Although thankfully the optics were in perfect condition. Dudley and his team spent many hours refurbishing it to its former glory. I wonder where it is now.