Early days

Tony Rodda

I agree entirely with the comments.

As Robin stated present this is a great prototyping tool but I’m looking forward to better materials and a composite metal/ABS design perhaps.  I’m keen to explore the possibilities. Certainly not suggesting it’s a replacement for existing kit at this stage.

Really keen to test though and hence the plan to print a number of designs/platforms.

Dominic, yes I think this will be finalised in ABS (at present).  I’ve left a couple of PLA ‘block’ prints in the obsy to test exposure. I’m printing at 0.1mm and Paul’s design is superb, everything fits with minimal finishing/adjustment.  May I ask what spectro design did you try?

I think with additional layers of paint may help IR/transparency in general.

With luck it’ll be fully assembled this weekend.  Hope ‘her indoors’ has no plans!