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Dr Andrew Smith

Hi Paul, sorry no documentation as such but the layout is similar to the Shelyak Eshel and I use their fiber guide head. It has a different l/mm and larger grating which is why I went the IRAF route as I could not get ISIS to reduce the spectra.

There is some information here and here

If you have any specific questions I will be happy to respond.

On IRAF while it has been a learning curve I have been able to completely script the image calibration so all I need type, once in IRAF, is cl < and once I have completed the data reduction of the spectra I should be able to do the same. Although it is good to eyeball the images and check the image statistics which are both simple in ds9 and IRAF.

IRAF stores all the key data so you can simply reproduce the reduction as long as the spectrograph stay reasonably stable as small shifts can be automatically compensated for.   

As I will have three spectrographs (two echelles and one low res transmission grating) I can have 3 IRAF folders each dedicated to a particular spectrograph.

If you have any specific question I would be happy to answer them if I can.

Regards Andrew