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Bill Leatherbarrow

Thanks Nick. Good conditions here in Sheffield too.

The leading edge of the umbral shadow was grey in colour, but the following shadow was copper-coloured and quite dark. Nevertheless, major surface features (e.g. Tycho, Plato, Sinus Iridum and Aristarchus) remained visible throughout as seen through an 80mm ED refractor and my 300mm OMC. During totality the Moon appeared 3D in its star field at low powers through the 80mm OG – a stunning sight.

The colour of the umbra during totality was copper-grey, with the southern limb much brighter. For a time around mid-eclipse the copper colour almost disappeared and the eclipsed Moon appeared grey. Overall, I found this to be a moderately dark eclipse, with the reddish colours rather subdued. I would estimate it at II or I on the Danjon scale, as seen from the Sheffield suburbs.

The total phase ended at about 03.22 UT, with third umbral contact at the limb near Schiller.

Hope others enjoyed it too. I’d be glad to receive any reports and images.