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Bill Barton

My (very incomplete) knowledge of Elizabeth in the Liverpool Astronomical Society is that she joined on 1884 January 21 and that she published two papers in the LAS Journal:-

1, Solar Section Report, vol. 4, p. 2 (1885 October)

2, Auroræ and Sun-spots, vol. 7, p. 52 (1888 December)

She may well have made other contributions.

Elizabeth is noted as having a 6½ inch aperture Calver reflector, a 3½ inch aperture Wray refractor and a 3 inch aperture refractor by an unknown maker and various spectroscopes in vol. 2, no. 6 (1896 June) p. 97 of the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Wales. On page 120 of vol. 1, no. 4 (1898 November) of the Cambrian Natural Observer she is noted as an ‘Associate Member’ of the Astronomical Society of Wales.

Volume 5, p. 28 (1897) of our Memoirs lists her observations of variable stars during the summer and autumn of 1895, a field not usually associated with her name.