It was nice to get back to a face to face BAA meeting. Going to London for just one meeting is a big undertaking so we paired it with a trip to the RAS Library on the Friday and a quick look around the Science Museum on Saturday morning.

The talks were very good. I’m not convinced I understood all of the multiverse talk or was convinced by the concept, though it was delivered excellently. The Winchcombe story is fascinating and although I’ve heard this talk given by an astronomer, it was great to hear it given by a meteor scientist, a subtly different slant. 

Nick James’ Sky Notes were excellent; entertaining and informative. A future BAA President for sure.

As said above, David Arditti’s discussion about the role of the president was spot on, and I applaud his efforts to open up the BAA, its resources and its expertise to wider audiences. Looking forward to seeing what comes from presidency. 

Well done to everyone who made it all possible. Thank you.