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Steve Holmes

Although Roger is unable to update the postings on this topic himself, he has been keeping a keen eye on the lively discussions in “read only mode”, as it were, and advising me on possible responses. However, now that things seem to have quietened down he has suggested that the topic be brought to an end.

Accordingly, he has asked me to forward his thanks to all those who took the time to suggest possible hardware solutions which embody similar functionality to his prototype device even if, in several cases, they sit at a much higher price point or, in the case of the 9×50 finder purely optical solution proposed by Jeremy, lack a number of distinctive features which can only be provided “electronically”. He remarked that he is actually encouraged by the fact that no-one has come up with an electro-optical device which has all the functionality required by a “beginner improver”, and no more (no need for focusers, replaceable eyepieces, filters, multi-element optics etc.), which might perhaps indicate that there is a gap in the market for a device such as his if it can be manufactured at a reasonable price. Proving it might be more of a problem though!

In closing, we both wish everyone “Clear Skies” and good observing.