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Steve Holmes

Ah, yes, quite right! It’s a big “mea culpa” from this end, I’m afraid. Apologies for this “terminological inexactitude” but when one has recently spent some time reviewing and assessing webcams for Skype & Zoom compatibility and usability as outdoor observation devices the term does eventually attain a sort of generic applicability!

However, whatever one calls them, I feel that the retail cost of a complete astrocamera unit (whether in the past with the 034 or currently with the 120) is perhaps peripheral to the issue in hand. As you yourself imply, it would clearly be uneconomic for a manufacturer wishing to duplicate Roger’s device to buy a complete unit and install it in a housing of his construction. Given the presumed ready availability of “bare” sensor modules nowadays (led by the revolution in the quality of smartphone imaging systems), a manufacturer would clearly only have to buy a module, not all the associated mounting and focus gubbins, at a wholesale price very much less than that of a complete unit. Hence Roger’s assumption that an all-in price of £100 or less is entirely feasible, given also the simplified nature of the mounting housing.