Full Spectrum



The new LED type lights are better in only one sense. That is that they are more directional, but and it is a big BUT. They are not properly designed so as to be directionally correct. By this I mean they can be seen from several posts away. You should not be able to actually see  any light from the head unit more than 1 post away. The only light you should see if properly designed and implemented is reflected light from the post or the lit areas, not the actual lights in the headf unit.  The other problem as many are now finding out is that these new LED lights are full spectrum. If they had been designed to simulate Sodium  and or Mercury we could filter out any pollution from backscatter.  With ful spectrum this is now impossible. Any direct or indirect scatter into the atmsophere will be impossible to filter out. Hence if in a badly affected area imaging and observational astronomy will become impossible. It is about time lighting was properly designed so as not to affect the night sky. There is a petition on a government web site here please have a look at it.


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