Geminids 2020 GRAVES Radar detections

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It’s good to have an opportunity to compare my results with other observations and recording methods.
I began running my set up in early 2019, concentrating on the major meteor showers. However, this year I have left it running full time.

For the recent Geminids I recorded just over 80 counts (raw data) for the peak on the 13th December (day#347), which I found to be at 20:00hrs. There was also some activity in the early hours of the 14th. Processing my data to reduce interference, reduced the peak count to 64. See images below.

I am recording my data using a Raspberry Pi 4B, running GQRX and python logging code, connected to a 3-element Yagi. I then process and plot the data using python on a laptop running Ubuntu Linux.