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Bill Leatherbarrow

Hi Donald,

Welcome to the BAA from me too – it’s a great organisation and will offer you much in the way of advice and support. The key thing is to get in touch with the directors of the sections that interest you most and take a look at their websites.

You have had some good suggestions already for the sort of observational work you can do with the equipment you have, but I note you have asked about lunar observing too. Your ED80 is an ideal telescope for finding your way around the lunar surface – indeed, it is similar in size to the first telescope used by Patrick Moore. It will show you a great deal without overwhelming you with excessive detail. Along with a good lunar map and some clear and steady skies, it will offer you many hours of exploration.

The ED80 is a serious telescope and it will allow you, should you wish, to do some serious lunar observing. For example, you could contribute to programmes of study devoted to possible changes on the Moon or the distribution of different types of surface formation. Occultation observation is also well within the reach of your telescope. You will find further details of the Lunar Section observing programme on the website at (you can download a PDF of the programme from that page). You will also get further ideas from the monthly section circular. This is distributed by e-mail as a free PDF attachment, and I’d be glad to add you to the mailing list if you wish.

Send me an e-mail if you would like me to do that, or if you have any further questions about lunar observation.

Very best,