Gradual deterioration

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Paul Luckas


The fringe phenomena is not an issue at low resolution. Fortunately I have an Atik 314L+ on my Lhires. The best of both worlds it would seem.

Robin – thanks. Yes, the issue is one of gradual deterioration of a fixed image train, which is why David’s post has me thinking. It could also be all in my head 🙂

At this stage the ‘red’ end of my Alpy work is less important, so depending on my enthusiasm I may not bother doing much in the short term.

On a related theme, I’ve found that the Atik desiccant tablets need re-charging about twice a year at the moment (since 2014) with the 414 slightly more temperamental than the 314. I’m curious to know how others Atik owners fare with desiccant life.