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Tony Rodda

I used a QHY5 II L Colour with PHD2 without much difficulty on a C925+0.63 reducer.

A 1.5 or 2 sec exposure worked well and didn’t over-correct for seeing.

This gave enough stars to easily id the field using Guide9.

However, I soon moved to a Lodestar and would echo the sentiments above. Big improvement in sensitivity.

My pointing accuracy on a CGEM (albeit hyper-tuned) using Guide9, Astroplanner or CdC puts the target in the guider fov, even after a flip. (I should point out I never slew at the highest speed).  Although I still use a secondary finder-guider for comfort as David mentioned!

The only downside from the using the Lodestar was a slightly smaller field than the QHY.

Good luck and stick with it.  Just practice really!