Happy to oblige.

Forums Meteors Fireball at 22:48:55 UT last night Happy to oblige.

stan armstrong

As it happens Dominic.. none of my cameras are Integrated into any of the Systems either.

But I have expressed an interest in a Pi..

Have scaled down the Image to Fit and I have 4frames of video for you too.. 

if you wish.. as i find they are always enjoyed by younger listeners..  if this Beauty

is to feature in your Talks as the  ” One that got away”?

Sorry about the date..it results from overloaded systems..  but it slices off easily..

As for the Brightness of the Fireballl? The Average Value estimated by all 14 observers

listed by the IMO is  -11.5..whereas those self assessed as ‘more aware’ is  around  -14.

I always read the sometimes very personal comments before I even do a Slow Manual Search

of my 24/7 Video of several cameras.. Hence I then look out for any features described..

Of late there have been descriptions of the ‘Long’ delay in the brightness fading

after the Flash.. Obviously an easy feature for me to corroborate as i only run at around 3 to 4 FPS.

Indeed.. Your ‘OTGA’ seemed to be ‘Well Lit’ for some 4seconds plus.

This indeterminate time period in an ‘Integration’ or Peak Value.. which obviously affected the individual awareness.. 

makes me now suspect All Meteor Estimates with a decimal place.