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Ian Kahler

Well guys, I have given my commentary/opinion a great deal of  thought the  last 2 days. I have  decided to give my telescopes to the  physics  & astronomy dept. at the  local university. I am going to remain focused  on what I like  doing best. And  that would  be focusing on the  history of  astronomy…. the  people behind  the  discoveries, the  geology of  the  solar system and  so on. I know  now, that without any doubt than continuing to try an master  the  use  of  a  telescope, EQ or  Alt-Az would  continue to frustrate and  eventually destroy any joy I experience with astronomy.

As  for  spending time  outside  under  the stars, I have binoculars 25×100, and  a tripod to hold  them. And  so I will wander  randomly without needing to know  what I am seeing. Rather  I will focus on enjoying the  absolute magnificence of  the  view.

Thank you for  your opinions and  ideas, but the  reality of  it for  me  is  to understand that telescope  operation has always  ended  badly for  me, and  it will not change; so I have  to change  my priorities and  my reality.