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Bill Ward


Thanks, with a bit of processing the ZWO174’s are decent performers. However your question is a VERY good one.

The issue is with the drivers. The response I’ve had from some of my Japanese friends is that they are surprised I could get it to work with UFOHD at all! I’m no expert in this field but from what I gather it is to do with the way UFO uses Directshow.

ZWO have continuously updated their camera drivers so something has changed to get it to work. Another issue seems to be the way the USB works. No matter what I do I cannot get the USB3 connection to work without dropped frames and crashing regularly and  I can’t set the frame rate. But, and it seems odd to me, if I use an USB2 connection it works absolutely fine but you’re stuck with whatever the pc can crunch through. The global shutter places a high demand on the computer as it’s a lot of pixels to shunt around.

In my setup  the native camera driver is running at 17.1fps with 50ms exposures on USB2  (3.3GHz quad cores) BUT UFOHD thinks it’s seeing 25fps… For detection, as you say, it is indeed fine when it’s just the spectrum your after but I think this may affect the velocity determinations and thus everything else downstream orbitwise.

So I would say probably not, but I’m not really sure how it’s actually working and I’ve never tried it so I can’t say for sure…