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Bill Ward


Andy, There was a lot of work done by the pros during the Leonid storms. There were several examples of this kind of behaviour caught but on CCD, not on video as far as I know. The experts like Borovicka and Jenniskens have written many  scientific papers about this sort of thing. There are a lot of theoretical issues that need to be considered and I don’t fully understand all of it. I just don’t have the experience of “modelling” they do!

Steve, No it’s not a star analyser but still a grating just with more grooves in it. The one used in this case has 600 grooves/mm and is 50mm square (I think the star analyser has 100 or 200 grooves/mm). If you’ve got one and you’re interested in trying meteor spectroscopy then a star analyser can be used but it can only produce low resolution spectra.