Bill Ward


Being away from home over the new year I was unable to do any spectroscopy. Given the weather I don’t think that would have been very successful anyway… ; – ) 

I did, however, attempt some visual observing from where I was, just outside Dundee, and for a brief spell I thought is was going to hold. Alas, no but I did see 2 Qua’s and 1 Spo in just under an hour. Nice to see the real thing from time to time…

My radio system kept vigil on my behalf and I was surprised to see that in terms of the maximum meteor count this years QUA’s pipped the 2019 GEM’s for the highest rate. 156 QUA’s 04-05UT verse’s 143 GEM’s also 04-05UT. Of course the GEM rate is pretty high over a much longer period…

I’ll put together some graphs at some point but it looks like it would have been a nice show given some clear skies.