Bill Ward


Here’s a calibrated graph of the spectrum. Had a few headaches with this one as the spectrum isn’t the third order, it’s the second order. A bit of confusion with the image scale after 12+ years of working with spectra from WATECS…

A few “lines”, marked with an * are stellar artifacts and noisy pixels not real lines.

and here’s a list of list of catalogue lines closest to the “barycentre” of the spectrum line (as it’s called in VisualSpec)

Line    Wavelength (nm)        Element

1:    421.618            Fe I
2:    427.176            Fe I
3:    430.790            Fe I
4:    432.576            Fe I
5:    437.593            Fe I
6:    438.355            Fe I
7:    440.475            Fe I
8:    442.730            Fe I
9:    446.165            Fe I
10:    448.113            Mg II
11:    495.760            Fe I
12:    511.040            Fe I
13:    516.732            Mg I (Probable blend with 516.749nm Fe I)
14:    517.268            Mg I (Probable blend with 517.160nm Fe I)
15:    518.360            Mg I
16:    522.715            Fe I
17:    526.954            Fe I
18:    532.830            Fe I

If the spectrum had been a bit brighter, or shifted to either side a bit, perhaps other lines would have been observed. However as is, it looks like a simple composition of just iron, magnesium and sodium.

Interesting because it is rather un-interesting!