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Bill Ward


Looking at the radio plots the predicted time of the peak from the graphs looks to be pretty good!

Overall activity seemed to be quite low this year. Didn’t record a single confirmed Lyrid spectrum. However I did record a super spectrum from what  is looking like a sporadic (Although this may change, Alex et al have started to analyse the orbit…)

I recorded the meteor on several systems.

This is the zero order image on one of the ZWO cameras:

The spectrum from another ZWO camera:

An instrument corrected plot:

…and finally my usual colourised synthetic spectrum…

The “longest” line in the spectrum image is sodium, very strong, but also very strong emission from Mg and plenty of Fe lines.

Little or no near IR atmospheric lines so probably relatively slow Vg, interestingly, and as as a possible consequence of the low Vg there are no (or very weak) ionised Ca on ionised Mg lines.

Not a Lyrid but lovely!