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Bill Ward


Thanks for the paper info. It’s an interesting read. Jenniskens makes reference to the same object in his book Meteor Showers and their parent bodies. He ends the section on the Quadrantids with the same sentiment, that it’s not quite a done deal yet.

Yes, I’m very pleased that after a little evangelising 😉 others have joined in the new pursuit of “Survey Video Meteor Spectroscopy”. It’s taken me 7 years to refine the system but I think its now gone from novelty to utility and that’s great. It is indeed a powerful tool and who knows what it will turn up in the coming years. The regular showers are interesting enough BUT its the sporadic population where I believe the real surprises will be.

I think I mentioned “family groups” elsewhere and I’m pretty sure I’ve started to see this. Initally three spectra caught my eye. These were all from different observers over several years. That has now gone up to six sporadics with very similar properties so theres something going on!