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Bill Ward


Did you happen to get the one at 21.30 (second spectra in my post) I didn’t get the zero order but if others did, then THIS is the one to concentrate on. This is potentially very interesting. The very high sodium signature is generally taken to suggest a recent origin and the fact it’s slow may be significant orbit wise.

It was a beautiful night, I even sat outside with a cuppa and some, of the now legendary (if the twitter response is anything to go by… ;-)) chocolate hob nobs for an hour or so.

NOVEX produced some interesting close ups. A few terminal flares and I was continually surprised by the narrowness of the persitent train. Didn’t get any distorting trains, the mesoshperic winds must have been calm…. I’m thinking I  might add another narrow field system. It does produce fascinating results.

The MAD experiment also produced a couple of interesting results. see https://youtu.be/jXZzLsrjqpc

Although I’ve discovered I have a better one, need to upload that next.

A good night.