Bill Ward


I still haven’t fully reviewed all of the catches. For one random night I caught almost everything, stony spectra, Fe spectra, multiple peak ones, “melters” and lots of “normals”.

Last night I had a window of a couple of hours of really good conditions. Decided to forego video and set up some DSLR’s with the LCD chopping shutters. 480 images over 4 hours and didn’t catch a thing! ;-((

What was realy interesting and pretty cool was the couple of sats I caught that I may have said were meteors. The absence of chops belies their true speed on the sky and instantly reveals them as sats.

I’ve had to stretch this but it shows the point. A bit symetrical for a meteor but it would have been a maybe…

I’ll drop Dave/Dennis a email if I find anything else of note. I’ve got two cameras covering your direction now. One integrated light and one spectrum system. Both 12mm f0.8’s so slightly tight on the fov. We’ll get something eventually.