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Bill Ward


That is excellent news, I wonder what the final flare mag would have been. I’d have thought it brighter than  -1.5 to give the spectrum it did. Applying my own principles of comparative spectroscopy I overlaid Williams and my own and the correspondance is  excellent.

The varying gradients are due to flat field calibration issues. I’ll need to investigate this a bit more however it was an interesting catch with the rapid changes to the metal lines over essentially a single frame.

Seeing your fov I’ll try lowering my camera a bit, They’re all quite high to avoid light pollution diffraction issues, I’ll see if I can get a way with it.

I’m a bit dissapointed I never caught a thing with my dslr rig. I had thw two cameras with the LC shutters on for 8 hours! There were a few periods with some high cloud but 16/17 turned out to be a decent nights observing.