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Bill Ward


Thanks Alex, further to my email about Nemetode, since I first pointed a watec camera at the sky in winter of 2005/2006, revolution is the only word to describe whats been going on in meteor astronomy over those years. Next year, will be a decade of meteor spectrosopy from my place. I enjoy reading old astronomy books and my latest one, from the late 50’s has the line “meteor spectroscopy is the greatest challenge, there are no more than a few score of specta available to researchers…it is nearly impossible to identify individual lines…” The other really curious thing from that book is a table one line of which states that only 2% of meteors show lines of sodium. The hundreds that I now have show the exact reverse! there are very few that DON’T show sodium. I use it as one of the standard markers! How times change…

Roll on the Geminids but I’m going to try and not break any more bones on my way to observing!