Bill Ward


The 8/9 and 10/11 Aug 2018 provided some good results. 31 spectra over both nights. This is the best Perseid (so far, maybe it’ll be clear tonight… ;-))


Here is the instrument corrected spectrum graph.

Note: I’ve cropped the O and N lines from the atmosphere, in the near IR. I’ve also binned by 3 to smooth out the de-slanting artifacts but probably at the loss of some small lines (mostly Fe).

It’s always re-assuring to see similar results from other observers. However there are two lines (or maybe very close bands) that I have not been able to tie down. I’ve got these on lots of Perseids from the last several years. Not sure what the bumps are around the Na line…. Could be any of several but at this resolution it’s difficult to be absolutely certain.

I also got a small section of this same meteor on another system. Almost perfect dispersion too… Still to process that one.