Bill Ward


HROfft was written in the 90’s as part of a much longer Japanese meteor project, the Radio Meteor Observations. It is fully automatic so perhaps not as “flexible” as spectrum lab but that’s the very reason I like it. I first used it in 1998 but as today, it’s excellent bad weather insurance!

Once you get it set up and talking to  Colorgramme it’s a case of leaving it alone. The only time I check the computer is if I see any odd results on the RMOB page!

The one downside is that because it’s designed to be left alone the thresholds are set quite high. It means that it’ll only record the strongest echoes. You can see this in the radiograms. 27 may be the count but there’s probably double that in actual echoes. Also it doesn’t have any way to discriminate against interference so the results can completely misleading if you have a noisy environment.

This is the main site run by Hiroshi : http://www.amro-net.jp/radio.htm