Bill Ward


Outstanding! I hope a few stations got it. To get it to work I had to use USB2 (rather than USB3) then tweak the camera interface until it talked to UFO HD. At 17.1fps (camera setting) and 25fps on UFO HD it runs fine. Oddly if I set UFO HD to the camera rate it was not happy. Lots of dropped frames with USB3 at high frame rates.

Definitely some comms/driver issues so I’ve no idea how this would roll up into the data UFO HD would produce for orbit/analyser but I’ll leave that to the NEMETODER’s… ;-))

To get a decent limiting mag I’m using a 50mS exposure as the pixel pitch is 5.6um. Sensor is 1936 x 1216 pixels.

It’s got potential!



PS- quick edit, I meant to add there was a hint of the 557.7nm line so I’m betting this’ll be a fast one….